About Us

Bruce SanfordBruce Sanford grew up in the farmlands of Greentown and North Canton, Ohio.  He was the little brother among five sons and daughters of Karl and Ruth Sanford.  Bruce became a full time math faculty member of the City University of New York, and taught for many years on the Tribeca campus of  The Borough of Manhattan Community College.

A graduate of Ashland University in Ohio, and also of Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island New York, Bruce has traveled through theater, music, writing, and teaching to bring you his books entitled Children’s SongsUniversal Children’s Prayers and A Book of Poetry & Lyrics, and also his Nashville production, singing his  children’s songs recorded at  the Robin Crowe Dark Horse Recording Studios in Franklin, TN.

Also coming soon to SanfordPublishing.com will be the  “REMEMBERING” poster tribute to our USA Veterans, Victims, Servers, & Sufferers,  honoring & respecting all who gave all and all injured and involved and all affected by the wars, conflicts, 9/11 WTC,  Beirut, Afghanistan, etc…etc…through the years.

Also stay tuned for his Sanford Kitchen Table Math book, entitled “TIMES TABLES INTO ALGEBRA,”  on Sanfordmath.com covering approx 7 yrs of math skills from 3rd grade times tables up and into 9th grade and college entry level algebra.  This universal book is accompanied by Bruce personally teaching his entire itemized Table of Contents for you at your own pace and at your own “Kitchen Table” leisure from his YouTube Channel of Math Activity Lessons.  Enjoy:)!

SanfordCircles.com is another website coming soon in the Sanford Collection,  featuring  “The Sanford Circles of Numbers Within Your World of Numbers”  Poster and “A Math Companion”  book for fun and adventure and play in conjunction with the poster.  The  trademarked “SANFORD CIRCLES”  poster is also used as the multi-colored and multi-symbol playing Board for the Math Boardgame entitled and trademarked “MULTIPLE CHOICES.”  “MULTIPLE CHOICES” is a multilevel math talent dice game with four sets of “Rules of the Game,”  from Beginner (No Math Talent Required) , Intermediate, Advanced, up to Team Challenge.  As a Visiting Guest Artist, channeled through The Arts Horizons Agency of Teaneck, NJ,  “Itinerant Teacher Sanford”  has worked with various elementary 4th grade classes of students within the five boroughs of NYC,  Promoting the Art of Math and playing his game of  “MULTIPLE CHOICES”  in multiple groups of four with thrilled children during their school day. 

Lauren BrouhardBorn in Bristol, Tennessee, Lauren Brouhard has been painting since elementary school where her artistic interests first took hold. She graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN with an emphasis in art. Having taught in children’s art camps and painted murals, Lauren has begun to realize her dream of illustrating for children’s books, and is already a published illustrator in The Children’s Songs Sunshine Good Morning, Sunshine Hello by Bruce R. Sanford. Using art to make people smile is Lauren’s passion.

Currently living in Chattanooga with her husband, daughter and their dog, Lauren is working full time in her role as “mama.” She still loves art and finding ways to use it to make others smile.

Rebecca SweeneyBorn in New York City, Rebecca Sweeney has been singing with her father, Bruce Sanford, since she could first make noise. She went on to complete a Music Business degree with an emphasis in Voice from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, where she also toured worldwide as a member of the Lee University Singers.

After graduating, Rebecca sang and traveled with other touring ensembles, including the Glenn Draper Singers. She later moved to southern Spain to learn Spanish and teach English at a bilingual primary school. Through this experience she discovered a joy for teaching and returned to the United States to complete a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Tennessee Technological University in Chattanooga.

Jeanny DringusJeanny Humphreys is a native New Jerseyan from Hamilton, trained in Professional Graphic & Photo Design & Printing, with substantial years of studio, photo lab, and counter experience at PhotoHaven in Lawrenceville, and now working as a full time graphic artist and printer with Future Signs & Creations, Inc of Trenton.  Having been an integral part of the Sanford “CHILDREN’S PRAYERS”  book and also the graphic design and formatting artist of his “REMEMBERING”  poster tribute to our USA Veterans, Victims, Servers and Sufferers, Jeanny has also provided her expertise in the layout of “THE CHILDREN’S SONGS”  book. Jeanny has been particularly valuable in the development, layout, and covers design of Sanford’s “A BOOK OF POETRY & LYRICS”.