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Softcover/Perfect bound: 36 pages
ISBN-10: 1504916557
ISBN-13: 978-1504916554
Size: 8.5 x 11 in.
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The Children’s Songs

Music & Lyrics by Bruce Sanford
Illustrations by Lauren Brouhard

So many of these 16 songs happened just as their respective titles suggest. For instance, While suggesting or trying to convince our children that it was time to take a bath or shower “Now,” it became the title of fun and playfulness to entice them to “Let’s Go Take a Bath Now . . . ” The same with brushing teeth “Every Morning, Every Night.”

So many of these songs originated spontaneously on the spot and spur of the moment and then evolved over time and with repetition into the words and phrasing they are today. Many times one child or another would begin to sing and repeat or request a centain phrase or story or melody and we would sing it or play it over and over and then modulate it and link it into one of the other songs from another day, or simply sing it over and over 10 or fifteen times in a row. Many times that would reveal still another little melody or phrase and even another little “hidden” new song would be born. The teaching songs and cadences and pacing of the measuremnt and label songs, as well as the “Numbers & Days of the Week,” and “The Months of the Year,” were created to play into our children’s absorption of knowledge of everyday facts for their futures, lasting a lifetime and one day teaching their own children and grandchildren and influencing many others who would teach others, who would teach others, etc., etc., and always be fun and catchy and energetic and develop children in many ways.

We all continue to enjoy so much happiness from these words and melodies and paintings and continue to share them and teach them to develop singing and rhythm and joy, vocabulary and learning, positive attitudes and love, confidence, and we especially hope that these songs will become a blessing to you and yours as well. Enjoy !: )

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